Team Rider Qualities

  • Jesus Centric
  • Missions Minded
  • Heart To Serve
  • Evangelistic
  • Friendly And Approachable
  • Genuine Concern For Others
  • Compassionate
  • Willing To Learn
  • Humble

How Do I Get Sponsored By Wisdom Skateboards?

If you're looking for sponsorship, we're into that, but we'll be up front and tell you that it is not an easy journey. We expect a lot from our team rider missionaries and it's not a role that is right for everyone. If you think you've got what it takes we will be glad to see what you've got and consider your request.

The first step in seeking sponsorship with us is to prepare a sponsor me video and complete our sponsorship inquiry form. Click Here to complete the form and submit your video. Our management will review your submission and get back to you if we are interested in pursuing your request further.

If you don't hear from us, please don't be disappointed. No response or perhaps a "not at this time" reply does not mean that we feel you have no value, quite the opposite is true. We believe that every one of you matter, quite frankly, that's why we're here. We welcome anyone to submit a request, however, if you're not 100% confident that we'll seriously consider your request then we suggest that joining the Wisdom Skateboards Street Team is a great place for you to start. If you would like more information about the Street Team or if you would like to join today you can visit our Street Team page by Clicking Here