The mission of Wisdom Skateboards is to personally demonstrate the love of Jesus to those whom we encounter within action sports culture. We are servants at the core and as such we actively search for opportunities to serve with genuine love, open hands and an attitude of unconditional acceptance. Our mission statement: a movement of intentional difference.

Core Values

The identity of Wisdom Skateboards will always be found in the shadow of Jesus, we are not our own, we were bought at a very high price and as such the two are inseparable. We are “on purpose” followers of Jesus, using the platform of skateboarding as a mechanism for being salt and light within our realm of influence. We are not defined by the skateboard, the industry or the sport, however, using the skateboard as a tool, our skill and the Holy Spirit opens doors of opportunity that cannot otherwise be made available. Knowing that our service in a very dark industry is spiritually, mentally and physically taxing we strive to maintain a posture of preparedness in all areas of our lives. Our mission statement is more than mere words that we memorize but the very nature of every action we take both personally and corporately.

About Wisdom Skateboards - Our History & Vision

who we are and why we exist

Wisdom Skateboards, located in Daytona Beach, Florida, was founded in 2007 with a vision to share a message of peace, faith and respect within an industry where the message of the majority is death, hate, violence, drugs, satanic worship and open sexuality. We exist solely for the purpose of bringing positive influence to the extreme board sports community and culture through the mechanism of skateboarding.

The vision of Wisdom Skateboards is to take the message of Jesus (the Gospel) to places where it has never been spoken, to a culture who has never heard and to a people who may have never had a tangible encounter with their Creator. We remain open to all opportunities that God makes available with the courage to try and the faith to believe that He will go before us and give us success. Our future is an open book where the words are being revealed in due time by the Author who wrote and constructed our path before the foundation of the world.

purpose and partnership, we're stronger together

Every Wisdom Skateboards graphic is created with a purpose, our mission is so much bigger than skateboarding. A portion of the proceeds from every deck sold goes to support the mission of a like-minded group or organization of which the graphic was created to support. We at Wisdom Skateboards believe that when like-minded individuals unite there is nothing that will be impossible for us. No one is as strong individually as we are when we partner together. If the values of your organization line up with the Wisdom vision, and skate culture can identify with your mission, we would love to discuss the possibility of a project with your organization.

hand crafted premium quality skateboard decks

Wisdom Skateboards decks are skillfully hand crafted in the USA with perfect balance, seductive concave and matchless pop. Escape the ordinary and join the movement, a movement of intentional difference.